Neurofocal dentistry, is a new approach to dentistry that complements traditional dentistry.

It consists in having a wider vision than that of traditional dentistry whereby teeth are not considered in isolation, but as part of your wider organism.

Neurofocal dentistry allows us to understand how many diseases, which may have a common starting point or trigger in the mouth, can cause so-called interfering elements in the body as a whole. These elements can have an impact on the body’s nervous system and ultimately cause adverse effects in other parts of the body and affect your general health.


This speciality, unfamiliar to some, well known to others, has its meaning within its name. The term was born in Germany in 1958 and emerged from the neural therapy discipline.

Neurofocal derives its meaning from the word “focal point” or “interference field”, which is described as an irritated part of the body that once treated and neutralised can help improve a patient’s overall wellbeing.

Neurofocal dentistry identifies and corrects problems that originate from interference fields which can be found in the mouth and which may affect other parts of the body.

Illnesses like arthritis, cystitis, neuralgia, regular headaches, infertility, skin allergies, amongst others, could be related to certain mouth conditions.

The most common interference fields may be caused by: impacted wisdom teeth, presence of metallic alloys in the mouth, certain types of implants, roots with no corresponding tooth, etc.

Below is a diagram which shows the relationship between teeth and different parts of the body.


  • By obtaining a full medical history and clinical examination, we can establish if a general illness that you are suffering from may be connected to problems with your teeth.

  • We then propose dental treatments that can ensure good dental and general health.

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