At the Peralta Silverstone dental practice our team of multi-disciplinary specialists studies your case to find the best solution for you, by taking into consideration every aspect of your body’s health, with the aim of deciding the best treatment for both your aesthetical and health needs.


. All our patients are cared for of by a team of professionals who are fluent in several languages, including: Spanish, Catalán, English, German and Dutch.  Our team will design a treatment plan that best matches your needs, using a Neurofocal Dentistry approach that ensures we treat the root of your health problems as opposed to focusing solely on visible symptoms.


Conveniently situated in the centre of Palma, you will feel at ease whilst receiving our personalised care solutions for your health needs in our comfortable and relaxing environment.





Where to find us

Carrer Foners 6, 2°B

07006 Palma De Mallorca, España

     info@clinicadentalps.com          971 465 161

Opening Hours

Monday and Tuesday, 9h to 20h
Wednesday, 10h a 19h

Thursday, 10h a 16h

Friday, 9h a 14h


Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced health professionals, who have one common aim: your wellbeing

Dr. Daniel
Peralta Silverstone

Periodontologist and Implantologist

Holistic dentistry and Neural Therapy

Medical Director

Dr. Sofía
Roses Rotger

Conservative and Paediatric dentist 

Holistic Dentistry, Kinesiology and Homeopathy

Dr. Patricia
Capablo Ramón

Endodontist Specialist

Holistic Dentistry and Neural Therapy 

Dr. Javier Gelabert Enseñat
 Orthodontist, orthopedic specialist
 Invisalign certified

Dr. Rosario
Cedeño Salazar
Prosthodontist and Cosmetic dentistry
Holistic dentistry and Neural Therapy Neural
Beatriz Rubio Moreno
Dental assistant and recepcionist

 Our team is continuously developing their skills and learning about the newest techniques so as to ensure you receive the best service. We also dedicate time to research to help ensure we remain abreast of industry innovations, new technologies and new materials. 

Our mission is to offer top quality dentistry, whilst prioritising your general wellbeing. To do this, we have created a relaxing, comfortable environment where we deliver high quality treatments, always accompanied by empathy, patience and a smile. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy a painless and stress-free experience, where you will feel at ease and comfortable.

Having a team with varied backgrounds and expertise allows us to offer you a comprehensive and tailored care plan, under one roof. Our common goal is to provide you and your family with the best dental care available, from the oldest to the youngest members of the family. 


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   971 465 161

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